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Myers played "Dieter", a bored, disaffected West German expressionist and minimalist who would interview celebrities in whom he was demonstrably barely interested, and then invariably sought to bring the discussion around to his "limited" monkey, Klaus, seated on a platform atop a miniature column.Myers has stated he based the character on a waiter he encountered in Toronto Appearing effeminate (he'd later introduce his lover Helmut, played by Will Ferrell), and rotating his shoulders (he occasionally described becoming so excited that his genitals were sucked up into his body cavity), Myers' costume in the character of Dieter consisted of black tights, black turtleneck sweater, round, wire-rimmed glasses, and slicked back hair.

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The sketch was created for the Second City Theatre, and became more widely known when Myers brought it to Saturday Night Live. The sketch parodied German stereotypes, especially those pertaining to German seriousness, efficiency, and precision.

Myers later ported the character to television for the Canadian sketch comedy show It's Only Rock & Roll and the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

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